Wednesday, March 26, 2008

134.36 Pounds?

No, that isn't how much I weigh! Well, it is close -- but that is how much we've raised in less than 24 hours for Joliba Trust -- with the great US exchange rate it is $268.72! We are well on our way to reaching the $2,000 goal. And I want to thank everyone who has contributed.

One of the great things about the web and email is how they are able to connect you to people with which you've lost touch. One of those folks emailed me last night -- Eric -- who has is own blog at You should check it out! Eric was one of the first activists I met in Central Ohio in 2005 through my work at America Votes and his story on how he became involved in politics is very inspiring...but I'll let him tell it.

It looks like I had the chance to inspire him a bit with my running and he is considering training for a 5 k – SO GO ERIC! I also pointed him towards a great book that has been my bible through the running process -- courtesy of my friend, Lauren -- "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer."

Last night, I was running 5 miles around my neighborhood and I was thinking about how running 5 miles would have seemed like such a huge feat just 12 months ago when I started my pre-marathon training for the Columbus marathon. I was literally walk/running 3 miles at that point. Now, on my short 5 miles runs, I can run 9 1/2 minute miles --which to me is just amazing. I finished 5 miles last night in less than 48 minutes!

The biggest obstacle has been making the time to train -- no matter if it is for a 5 k or a marathon. If it is something you want to do -- you owe it to yourself to make the time and maybe the benefits can reach well beyond your personal world.

So get out there!


Anonymous said...

This post inspired me to donate, eat a bucket of Roy Rogers Chicken, drink 10 cokes and watch Battlestar Galactica.

Lauren said...

Abby said...

This blog rocks. KG is a rockstar. And I have no doubt the ripple effects will be far and wide.
Eric rocks too.

Eric Vessels said...

Just wanted to check in to say that i AM training for a 5k. Plan to run around Father's Day in June. Fitting seeing as we will have our 3rd very soon.

So I'm one week (3 runs) into the Couch to 5k program and this is what I experienced.

Day 1: OMG. WTF? My body completely revolted against the idea of me running. It was as if it was saying "Wait a minute buddy. you give us years of lounging around and sitting in an office chair and now this?. Sorry, but no dice!". It hurt. Thought I was gonna die. Took me a day and a half to feel normal again.

Day 2: Surprisingly easy. I'm doing 8 sets of 60 second runs with 90 second cool down walks. Beginning the 6th cycle I was like "shit, this is easy". Set 7 I hit a wall and the final one was even harder. Humbled me right back up!

Day 3: Smooth. Only struggled slightly. Felt like I was ready for a two day rest and a more vigorous pace next week. All is well. Trying to stay stretched and hydrated. Eating better as well. Feels good.

I did invest heavily in good shoes. Some sticker shock, but I view it as an essential tool and not just shoes. At my age (shut up), I don't feel I can cut corner when it comes to my body. Went to the new Road Runner Sports in Cbus and got custom fitted, which was pretty cool!

So yes, you inspired me to begin this program for the third time. I hope to continue to be inspired so I can finish and run a race. The two previous times business travel got me off track and I never seemed to be able to get back with it. Somewhere around week 2 or 3 so I'll be entering the "danger period" here soon.

Thanks and I'll try to check in after week 2. Might even start a more personal, less political, blog soon. Been thinking of doing THAT for a while as well.