Sunday, July 6, 2008

6 Weeks Out!

Well, started training for the half marathon…and boy a month of lightly hitting the gym, doing fun runs with my dog and well, probably drinking a little too much doesn’t do much to help you keep up your stamina!

I logged 22 miles this week, and they were all rough runs.

But, each one was better than the last one, which is good. I am hoping I can regain my speed quickly by doing tempo runs. These are a first for me and I’m sure the people at walking around the park that I run at think there is something wrong with this manic who is running like crazy then jogging slowly, then running like crazy again.

But, I logged 7 miles yesterday and didn’t need to stop to walk, stretch or anything. I ran three miles at a harder pace and 4 miles at an easier pace.

6 weeks to go until the half marathon in Parkersburg WV and until I turn 30:) -- looking forward to both. I think I am ready to close the chapter of my 20s in my life.

Over the past month work has been a lot of stress. New staff starting, traveling around the state and making time for exercise, family and friends hasn’t been easy. My balancing act is better than in the past – but I could really feel the drain in June.

I really think training will help with balancing. I know it sounds crazy that it would, but it gives me more structure to my day.

Well, I’ll hopefully be writing more over the next several weeks while my training is going on for the half marathon. Feel free to comment.

And, a shout out to Josiette whose birthday is Tuesday. How does it feel to be 30, J-Dawg?

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josiette said...

hello 30! So far, it is going pretty good... flowers, chocolate and phone calls from friends and family - not bad at all!